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Dublin a city in Franklin Delaware which is part of the state of Ohio currently they have around 50,000 people that live there. The visitors are always trying to find the best things to do in Dublin Ohio. Like the city of Dublin in Ireland there’s many Irish types of events that occur in the city.

There are many activities to do in this place for any type of person. In this article we will discuss them and give you the top few places that you can visit in this quiet city. This is a place that you never thought that you would ever need to visit. There’s a lot of nature plus there is an urban experience but so many of the residents are proud of the hassle-free type of life that they live. 

There were many Native Americans that first lived in this area until the first European settlers in the area around the 19th century. One of the oldest communities in Ohio this may be to your surprise but none of these settlers were Irish in descent. In a survey of the United States Dublin Ohio ranked 6th best place to live in the United States. So instead of visiting it may be a good idea just to stay there. 

 Things To Do in Dublin Ohio

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus zoo and aquarium is world renowned and has won many awards from world wide organizations. The zoo is home to over 7,000 different animals and over 800 species of fish.There are around 2.3 million people who visit the zoo every year. You will notice that their many animal exhibitions are divided into different parts of the world.If you like to play golf there’s a golf course which is 56 acres large and has an 18-hole golf course called the Safari Golf Club. So if you are an animal lover or golf lover this is the place for you. As there’s not many zoos on Earth that are like this nor golf courses. So it’s something that you should not miss while visiting Dublin, Ohio.

Indian Run Falls.

This is a small waterfall which is known to be peaceful and relaxing. The access to the gorge is not really available which makes it quite difficult to see what you need to see. The waterfall is around 15 feet high and cascades about 10 feet high. There’s many trails that you can go on to actually see this beautiful waterfall. While exploring it’s a good idea to keep in mind that there are many drops so try to keep on the trail not risk things. Waterfalls are not the only attraction, many locals and tourists go there to get a taste of nature. Many people like to go on the trails that are around there and at the same time there’s not too many crowds most of the time so you can be in touch with nature in a peaceful manner.  Also people recommend that you visit this place in spring in order to see the falls running. So if you spend too much time in the city it’s the best place to get a boost of nature.

101 Beer Kitchen.

Like the people of Dublin in Ireland this town really celebrates beer and one of the best places to go for beer is 101 Beer Kitchen.There’s a wide selection of beers and people are very happy when there is a $3 off happy hour special. It’s not only known for its large beer selection, it’s also famous for its very good food. People have ranted and raved about the food there and at the same time it’s not very expensive. So if you need somewhere to eat and to get a treat I suggest that you go to the 101 Beer Kitchen Which is one of the best food places in Dublin, Ohio. 

The Fairy Doors of Dublin Trail.

One of the best kept secrets in Dublin Ohio is the Fairy Doors. Make sure to try this trail at this place you get a passport and follow your trail guides through the historical Dublin Bridge Park. Every business has a residential fairy so with your passport you write down the name of every fairy. When your passports complete you will send it into the Dublin visitor and information center and you will win a free t-shirt. This is a great little event for the young ones and I feel that it will be a fun little place that you can visit and have some fun with fairies.

Apple Picking at Cherry Hawk Farm.

If you’re around Dublin Ohio in late July and early August up to October and November there is a harvest season of different apple varieties that you can pick. There are many people who visit this hidden gem to pick apples.  People appreciate the simplicity and the simple pleasures from picking the apple and eating it. Also a good place to get a peaceful feeling from nature and the surrounding trees. So if you are in Dublin Ohio during this time this place should be sure to visit this. It’s also a great place to bring the kids.

Chief Leatherlips Monument.

There’s a rich history in Dublin, one of the best monuments to see is the Leatherlips Monument. This is in Honour of the late chief Leatherlips; he has many names and also has a complicated history. This can be interesting to people who are history buffs too. Also if you just like seeing a cool statue monument type of thing it’s the place for you. It’s in Scioto Park in Dublin.There is ample parking and many places to have picnics to enjoy your day and the nature of the park. You can bring your kids and also try to bring your dogs around if you can.

Zoombezi Bay Waterpark.

This is a water park that is open only during the summer months in Dublin Ohio. The summer is quite short but sweet in Dublin and everyone is trying to get the most out of it. This is one of the places that keeps people of all ages cool and happy. You can rent a cabana in the shade while the kids can ride the waves, slides and more. This is one place to take your kids to have a wonderful day.

If you are an arts lover and happen to be in Dublin Ohio the Dublin The Art Center Gallery is a place for you.It was constructed in 1941 as a french style building and is situated on a slope of a 4-acre estate that shows sweeping views of the rivers to the west.

The City of Dublin bought this property around 1999 and decided to create a community arts centre.This place provides great scenic views of the riverfront it also includes many different kinds of art and also it links to the public art of the city. People suggest that this is a good place to kill an hour.You’ll see exhibitions from talented artists from the past and the present of Dublin.This is a good idea to visit as you will see featured artworks and landmarks of the Dublin city too.

Special Events in Dublin, Ohio.

Dublin Ohio has so much life and so many people willing to celebrate everything they can there are many festivals and special events that happened throughout the year below we’ll talk about some of these events.

Dublin Irish Festival.  

Even though the original said European settlers of Dublin Ohio were not Irish, ones. It has one of the biggest festivals that celebrates Irish people .This 3-day festival is one of the biggest in the world . You will find that it’s well attended by the locals and by people from out of town. You will see many things to entertain you at this festival and there’s something for everyone. There are many events for children such as arts and crafts, play areas and for the adults, there’s beverage tasting, Irish dancing, competitions, dog shows. Just about anyone or find something to do there and it’s something to aim for and plan for as there will be many people that attend this event.You will need to book some accommodation in advance to enjoy the whole festival. The Dublin Irish Festival brings around 100,000 people at a time to celebrate the beauty of Irish culture. 

The Memorial Tournament.

If you’re golfing fund Dublin is the place to be they have a tournament called the Memorial Tournament which happens around may or early June. This is a PGA golf tournament which was founded by Jack Nicklaus. At this tournament you will find all the best golfers in the United States come together to complete.This is known as one of the most challenging golf courses in the United States so if you’re golfing this is something that you cannot miss out on. This is another event you will have to plan in advance. This is something you should aim to while visiting Dublin Ohio.

Should I Visit Dublin, Ohio? 

There may be many small towns in the United States, they may be bigger at times and they may be smaller at times. Dublin, Ohio isn’t one of the biggest towns in the United States, It’s quite small but it packs a lot of heart. If you are in the area please be sure to plan to visit it. I feel that this is one of the best places to visit in the United States and is a rare hidden gem of a town. If you happen to be looking for a place to stay this is it. It’s a good choice to move to as its one of the best as it was rated in the top ten places to live in United States. If you had to relocate you’ll be able to have a carefree life and enjoy simple pleasures of a simple life. So if you need a place to call your own or a place where everybody knows your name this is the place to be.

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