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Sinus headache relief pressure points can be helpful in relieving your sinus headache. Sinus headaches are something that can be tough to handle. As a sinus headache sufferer myself, I have suffered from these kinds of headaches for as long as I can remember. Its also rough to take medications that leave me drowsy and without relief. A lot of the times with me the meds do not work to get the sinus relief I would like. I understand this for sure and understand this can be a frustration to anyone.

So in this article I will help you get some relief with sinus headache relief pressure points. This is seen as an effective method of getting rid of your headache. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. 

sinus headache relief pressure points

Going the healthy and natural approach to getting relief should be the first aim when you don’t want to be taking harsh medications that sometimes will work and sometimes don’t.

Sometimes you just need some relief from this so using acupressure is a good way to see if this can help you. Acupressure has been used for thousands of years and is still used today to relieve many alignments. This traditional treatment uses pressure on specific points of the face and body to relax muscles and help the mucus drain. We are going to discuss how to find pressure points and apply pressure to these points of the face and body.These pressure points below will help you get relief from your sinus headache. 

Can Sinus Headache Relief Pressure Points Help For Sinus Headaches?

Acupressure can be an effective technique to help you with your sinus symptoms by applying gentle pressure to certain points on your face and your body will be able to relieve sinus congestion,pressure and increase your general comfort. To get started I suggest that you get a mirror and try locate these pressure points on your face. Once you have found them use your fingers and thumb to apply firm but gentle pressure for around 3 minutes.You can put pressure on these points many times a day whenever you feeling the pain of the sinus headache. if you do not get things right II suggest that you go and seek professional help from an licensed acupressurist. Try your best to relax and take deep breaths as being relaxed helps you get the most out of acupressure and helps the acupressure work better.

The LU9 Pressure Point.

This pressure point targets your lungs and may help with breathing too. This pressure point is on your wrist and will help you get some pain relief by relaxing the muscles that give you the pain. It also can also help with throat symptoms and sinus congestion. In order to find this pressure point you need to have your hand up front facing you. You’ll see where your hand connects to the wrist. There will be a crease that will be under your thumb. Try do this for 3 minutes multiple times a day to help with your sinus headache relief.

The Yintang Pressure Point.

This acupressure point is known as the third eye point because it is located between the eyebrows This point will help relieve congestion, runny noses or sinus headaches. It’s a one-size-fits-all type of pressure point. In order to do this you need to place two fingers between your eyebrows find the area above your nose where your forehead joins your nose then try put some pressure on it and rub it for a few minutes, while its effective to do this try not do this for too long

LI20 Pressure Point the Sinus Point.

This pressure point targets the large intestine and it does create a lot of relief in the sinus areas too. The first thing to do is find out where your nose joins your cheeks then place one finger on your face and press. This is one of the best pressure points to help you get sinus relief.

SI18 Pressure Point.

This pressure point is known to target the small intestines and there are points on both sides of your nose just below the cheekbone. This will help soothe swollen sinuses and help relieve a runny nose if you have one. To locate them using your index finger from both ends. Try to reach there and feel for the outer edge of each nostril then slide your fingers down until you can feel the grove. This area should be in line with the lower edge of your nose. Try push these points at the same time.

Liv3 Pressure Point Liver 3.

The specific pressure point target’s your liver. It can also be used to relieve sinus headaches and the pain around your eyes that you get from sinus issues. This is located behind your big toe. The best way to approach this is to take a seat, get your knees bent and you’ll see there is an area between your big toe and the other toe you will find a groove there. Now if you have the correct balance you can apply pressure to both feet at the same time but it is recommended to use one footat a time for beginners as the aim is to not to lose balance.

GB20 Pressure Point.

This pressure point targets the gallbladder and is at the back of your head. If you feel closely you’ll notice the grooves or points at the back of your head where your head attaches to your neck.This pressure point will help with headaches and help with other things such as watery eyes and flu. In order to do this you need to grip your hands tight together and hold the back of your head. You will need to slide down with your thumbs to find the groves then apply a medium but firm pressure to these grooves for around 3 minutes. This pressure is very effective in getting sinus headache relief.

LI4 Pressure Point the Large Intestine. 

This pressure point targets the large intestine the point is located at the back and the front of your hand. This is connected to a large intestine which will help you get rid of facial pain, sinus problems and help with you getting relief from sinus headaches.To get relief apply pressure for a few  minutes on each and try do one at a time if you can do both at the same time good on you. 

To find the point you need to find the Crease between your thumb and your hand try let your hand face you. Try to look for the area where your thumb is connected to your hand. Try to keep the pressure firm.Try to open and close your thumb and index finger to find the grove. Repeat this a few times a day and try to keep it around 3 minutes for each hand. 

BL2 Pressure Point The Bladder.

This pressure point is the bladder and is located between the bridge of your nose and the inner side of your eyelid. This is one of the ones that you need to use if you have pressure around your eyes this will help you with reducing congestion. The first step is to use both your hands then place your index finger above the bridge of your nose and then try to get into the inner side of your upper eyelid.Try to find the grooves between your nose and eyebrows where you’ll be able to feel your brow bone.

LU5 Pressure Point.

This pressure point is connected to your lungs and this will help you relieve a lot of sinus congestion and pressure. This will also help with breathing problems. In order to locate it you will need to stretch out your arm so it’s facing towards. Then you will see there is a crease towards the thumb side of you. You’ll find that your forearm has a bit of a dip as it connects to your elbow. Try adding some pressure to this area and repeat on both arms. Try not to do more than 3 minutes at a time but try to do it multiple times a day. 

What Even Are Sinuses? 

The sinus is all over your face and is the hollow area within your face that helps clean out bacteria, dust, pollen and helps keeps your mouth moist. It goes from your forehead to around your nose. If you have problems with your sinus its something that can affect your daily life in a big way. For many that have a chronic sinus problems not much else helps them get relief. 

Will Acupressure Help For My Sinus Headache? 

While acupressure can help you get some relief from your sinuses if you have a serious sinus infection the acupressure is not going to help you get rid of the infection. You should seek medical attention for it as you may need to be treated with prescription medications such as antibiotics. Also it’s important to understand that allergies also trigger sinus symptoms and avoiding these triggers is going to be important to the success of your sinus relief.

You need to not be too rough with your pressure points as bruising or pain is not really going to help the process. Also you will find it tough to do it for 3 minutes at a time. So just try it out and work out how long you can do it for then plan for some kind of routine. If you are pregnant you should consult with your doctor before you attempt using any acupressure points as it may initiate labor.