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The question many ask is, is it healthy to eat eggs every day? Some may have their facts scrambled but in this article we are going to see if it’s healthy to eat eggs every day backed with scientific evidence on the conclusion. The humble egg can easily be labelled as one of the most perfect foods. It is in high production, anyone can cook it and it has the best bang for buck in the protein department.  If you believe it or not, eating eggs is a controversial topic as it may have high cholesterol content and this may appear to cause an increased risk in heart disease. There is a lot of information that does not take into account the latest studies and parrot a lot of the myths.  Well we will explore that in this article and more. To really answer the question, is it healthy to eat eggs every day?  

Cholesterol in a Egg 

Well what we have to do is go back to the basics of science with this. Is eating cholesterol unhealthy? Should you eat eggs every day? Well the egg contains around 185 mg per egg of cholesterol. This is more than half the recommended amount according to the US dietary guidelines but this has only recently changed. So this may make people believe that this super-food is something of a silent killer? 

Old studies have shown that increasing your intake of Cholesterol can increase the bad cholesterol in your blood but it seems to have been mistaken. The latest studies show that to not be true. As a result the governments are no longer recommending a limitation in cholesterol containing foods. Also it’s important to let you know that many foods that contain cholesterol also contain saturated fats which are a major cause of heart disease that many sound studies have come to this conclusion. There are only two foods that are low in saturated fat and high in cholesterol which are eggs and shrimp. 

Eggs Help You Lose Weight. 

Trying to keep your weight in the ideal BMI can reduce the chances of having heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. Eggs are a good source for minerals,vitamins and good fats. This is also a very lean way of getting protein which digests slowly making you feel fuller for longer. If you replace refined breakfast carbs with eggs you can easily increase your health and lose weight. Also eggs are a good source of nutrition for any diet program you may be on. It all depends on how you eat the eggs but there are many healthy options to cooking an egg. In 2008 there was a small study that showed that you lose more weight eating eggs for breakfast than eating a bagel which should be common sense really.. 

Good Fats and Bad Fats

Even so there are some bad fats it’s very low, one large egg yolk contains about 1.6 grams of saturated fat. Two eggs are the usual single serving and that amounts to 10.3 grams of fat in total. There is around 7 grams of unsaturated fat which is a healthier type of fat also known as a good fat. while there are bad fats called saturated fats it’s pretty low levels. There is only a total of 3.3 grams of saturated fat so it’s a good option to get your protein without the too much bad fat.In the unsaturated fat you will find the essential building blocks of your body Omega-3 fatty acid. Which is around 90 mg per an egg giving you around 180 mg a serving of 2 eggs. This gives you around 120 percent of your daily needs. 

Eggs Contain Essential Nutrients. 

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods in existence and it contains a large amount of protein and essential nutrients so it being a good choice daily is a no brainier. An average large egg has around a total of 6 grams of protein and various vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B12, vitamin B9 (folate) and lutein. These contribute to many areas of the body. Eggs are also one of the cheapest ways to maintain a healthy diet. 

Eggs are a Vitamin D Rich Food. 

There are only a few foods that contain vitamin D and one of them are eggs. Many people in different countries on average suffer from a vitamin D deficiency and eating eggs can be a great way solve this. In a one serving of two eggs you get around 82 percent of your daily needed intake of vitamin D which promotes healthy muscle function, healthy bones and regulates immune system processes.

It Contains Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties.

Keeping this in mind it’s also important to have a varied diet to get all the body needs to be healthy.  Egg white contains something called lipids. These are essential nutrients that are found in many foods, are used in medicine and the cosmetic industry. Eggs contain protein and lipids that have many health benefits. Egg yolk oil contains phospholipids which have shown to to have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on your body.

One of The Cheapest Sources of Protein. 

Most of the protein in eggs are in the egg whites. Which is at around 60 percent of the protein in  eggs. Eggs come in many sizes. A small egg weighing 38 grams contains 4.79 grams of protein, while a jumbo egg weighing 63 grams contains 7.94 grams of protein. This makes it one of the best sources for protein. This explains why so many bodybuilders and people wanting to build muscle include a lot of eggs in their diet. 

Even though white may contain more protein than the yolk also has a significant amount of protein. You may think back to Rocky movies eating raw eggs but there is still a good chance of getting Salmonella infection from eating it this  so think twice before you do. In. A study has shown that cooked eggs give you more protein anyway. It was measured that raw eggs allow the body to absorb 51 percent of the protein and cooked eggs go up to 91 percent.  

Eggs Are a Good Source of Choline.

Choline is a very important nutrient that plays a big part in processes in the body like your brain development and your liver function. Your body can not get enough on its own and you are supposed to get it from food.. Eggs are one of the best sources of this essential nutrient. Just one large egg contains around 164 mg which is around 30 percent of what is needed in your daily intake of choline. So having one serving of two eggs you will almost be there. Eating your eggs daily will help you make sure you are getting this essentially important nutrient for good body function and mind health. 

So Eggs are Healthy? Is it Healthy to Eat Eggs Every Day?

With this information kept in mind, yes it is healthy to eat eggs every day. Generally people that eat eggs daily do not have an increase in cholesterol levels in their blood. So generally a person can eat eggs every day and have excellent health. What people have figured out there are ways for the body to balance things out to keep the cholesterol at ideal levels even while consuming it. There is some mixed information about the cholesterol levels due to dietary cholesterol. The recent studies seem to give clarity. 

One study in China that lasted 9 years seems to have made it clear that one egg per a day gave people a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. To keep in mind these people were not eating the typical western diet. Another study which was published in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Looked into people that were eating 12 eggs per a week and it showed no increase in cardiovascular risk factor. This also must keep in mind that the people were also eating a healthy diet to help them lose weight. 

How You Cook an Egg Does Matter. 

Health wise there are many ways to cook an egg. Simple and healthy option is boiling the eggs for around 6-10 minutes depending on if you like hard or soft boiled. Soft boiled will contain the most vitamins but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Another healthy way of cooking an egg is poaching them. This is a way of cooking the egg in water which adds no saturated fats. Sometimes you would want a little saturated fat but this is in no way healthy cardiovascular wise. Many people fry it in butter or vegetable oil which gives you less health benefits and increases your risks over time. 

So consider meeting halfway and frying it gently in avocado oil or olive oil as these are healthy options to fried eggs.  If you are really desperate you can use a microwave but not recommended. The point is that saturated fats are definitely unhealthy the more you avoid it the better your health will be and you will be reducing your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.