The Worst Places You’ve Visited

Liking of something and disliking of something is really something that is exclusive to mindsets of different people, but, there are a few places that are disliked for all the wrong reasons by everyone and of course, me as well. Whether it be the poor environment, bad locals, or things just not living up to expectations, there are tons of things and conditions that would be the reason for disliking.

Here are some of the places that I found to be one of the worst places for travel or visits.

  • Zinc, Arkansas

This place had some of the weirdest and confusing set of an all-in-one place. It can be described as all venues of horror movies mashed up in a blender and served on a plate. In one building, there was a hair styling/salon, a mechanic shop, a courthouse, and a jail.

What else that keeps you on your toes, is that the hair stylist was the judge’s wife, the judge was a mechanic as well, and their son was the sheriff.

  • Moscow, Russia

After witnessing some of the best places the city had to offer, it still came off to me as one of the most poorly planned and chaotic layout. Everything seems to be plopped out randomly and nothing seems to be thought out carefully before implementation.

You will be able to find a pre-revolutionary palace in between two apartment blocks, a city covered with some of the most terrible smog, and the history of Moscow poorly taken care of.

  • Agra, India

Agra has some of the most beautiful sights and places that the world has to offer, but, everything good comes with their hints of bad as well. Agra was the city where I had my things stolen not twice, not thrice, but four times. Not just pickpockets and thieves, but everyone was inclined towards ripping the tourists off.

A tourist car came with four wheels but ended up leaving on none. A tour guide decides his fees based on the way you dress up. If anyone is planning to visit, I would advise looking as poor as possible.

  • Marrakesh, Morocco

One of the most harrowing experiences. This is one of those cities which are overcrowded, filled with poor sanitation and dirt, and illiterate and inconsiderate locals.

For a tourist and a person new to the city, it was certainly a well-established fact that the city was not welcoming and looked to drive out any person who wasn’t a local away from the city.


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