How To Wear Stripes For Your Body Type

Don’t you love to pick out a dress that suits you and flatter your figure? You need to be careful because it can either highlight or conceal your figure. But a smart dresser knows what to conceal and what to highlight. Stripes are in no way an easy print to carry off easily. You should know how to accentuate your best feature with the right kind of stripes.

Don’t wear horizontal stripes! – A common misconception, because it can make you look fat! This extreme fashion advice is a thing of the past, today there are stripes for every body type. The trick is to pull it off by choosing the right pattern that suits your body type.

Pear Shaped Body

If you have a pear-shaped body, you can carry off everything. Sporting stripes is a tad bit tricky, as you do not want to draw attention to your hip area. To create an illusion of fullness; sport horizontal stripes on the upper side of the body. Choose vertical stripes for the lower body to make it look slimmer.

Apple Shaped Body

If you have apple-shaped body, you need to camouflage the middle section. Choose vertical stripes in dark shade to divert attention from the tummy. Thick stripes with darker shades will make your mid section look slimmer and divert attention from the problem area.

Hourglass Shaped Body

The most envious figure! If you have an hourglass figure, you can carry off everything with your curvy figure. Sporting stripes is another ball game though. You have to be very careful about it. Stick with the basics; wear either horizontal stripes or vertical stripes. But all the stripes should be in the same direction.


You might be a little short, but that is no excuse for you to avoid stripes. Add height to your body type with vertical stripes. It creates a wonderful illusion of length. Stick to smaller patterns and thin stripes to look tall and great.

Rectangle Shaped Body

With great height and narrow waist, you can carry off stripes very easily. The tall and lean frame is a dream for every designer. Wear horizontal stripes on the body part you want to accentuate. If you wish to appear curvy wear horizontal stripes on upper body and horizontal stripes for lower body.

How can you incorporate stripes into your everyday look, try

Colorblock Stripes

Combine two or more colored stripes to add a bit of variation. Try a combination of solid colors and stripes for a flattering silhouette.

Striped Tee

Striped Tees look very chic and super smart. Try a striped Ganji for a youthful look or pair a striped tee with a blazer for the formal wear.

Vibrant Stripes

Go bold with colorful vibrant stripes. The look is fun and flirty with a hint of sophistication.

Long Vertical Striped Skinny Jeans

You can try vertical striped jeans to long and lean.

Striped Accessories

If you do not like to try striped clothing, you can try stripes in your accessories like your handbags, scarves or shoes and even eyewear. Give a twist to your outfit by adding striped accessories.

You can sport the stripe of your choice, the way you like it. Play around and experiment with the trend that is catching on fast. Flaunt them with pride and oomph. You need to try and experiment with different kind of stripes and materials to be able to find the right fit and right kind of stripes.


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