9 Tricks For Salon Finished Nail Paint

We all love to take care of ourselves. We drink green tea for better health; we apply anti-tan for great face and lip balms for soft supple lips. Another thing we love is adding color to our attire by adding colored streaks to our hair, putting on makeup and wearing bright hued lipsticks. We also love to flaunt our perfectly manicured nails with a great nail color.

For those perfect nails we either go for false nails, if our natural nails are not healthy otherwise we love to get pampered and get manicures for those healthy looking nails. There are ways to keep your nails looking absolute best without heading to the salon for the perfectly finished nail paint. All you need are the things that you find at home and your favorite nail paint.


In order to have flawless nails your hand should be thoroughly cleaned and moisturized.

  • Scrub away any dirt and dry skin
  • Push back the cuticles around the nails
  • Moisturize well to keep your hand soft



Follow the natural shape of your nail and using a nail filler shape your nails. Place the filler between your nail and skin and move in one direction. Once you have shaped your nail use a buffer to give your nail a clean shape



Before you apply new nail paint, it is important to take off the old one. You need to use a non-acetone nail polish remover. Acetone leaves your nail dehydrated and yellow. Take some acetone free nail paint remover and with the help of cotton clean your nail thoroughly.





While applying your nail paints always make sure that you protect your finger tips from any smudges or errors. Apply a bit of Vaseline or any cream around your nail so that you can get rid of any errors that you make.



Never apply any nail color without a base coat. A base coat not only gives longevity to your nail paint, it also protects your nail from discoloration. Start from the centre of your nail from the cuticle and apply one coat all over your nail. Wait for 4 to 5 minutes before you apply your color.


For salon finished nail paint follow these steps

  • Place a drop of color at the centre of the nail, just a bit above the cuticle.
  • Now move your brush upwards, making a straight line along the length of your nail
  • Start from the base again; swipe the color along the natural curve of the nail. Drag it up to the end of the nail.
  • Repeat the same on the other side


Once the nail paint has dried completely, apply another coat in the same fashion. Do not try to build the color in single coat. A second coat will give you a rich color as well as salon finish look.


Wait for your nail paint to dry before moving your fingers or even fanning them. Sit back and relax. Even if you are in hurry you can take a bowl of ice cold water and dip your fingers for quick dry nail paint. Never put your hands under running water, it will smudge your nail paint.


If you apply just a simple coat of your nail paint then make sure that you use a transparent top coat to seal the nail color. A top coat helps in maintaining the nail color intact for longer. Try to use a quick dry top coat.


Your skin around the nails is protected by cream so even if you smudge your nail polish, you can wipe them clean. Even if you make some errors take a small brush and dip it in nail polish remover and carefully remove all the mistakes and smudges around your nail.

After these steps, you would love to flaunt your nails. Don’t worry if you do not get it right the first time. Just take a deep breath and start again. With practice you would get your nails perfect. To make your nail polish last longer, wear gloves while doing household chores and drink a lot of water to keep your skin and nails well hydrated. You do not want to waste all that effort as brittle nails chip and break.



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