Summer Hair Care Tips-Home Remedies

The summer is at its peak and all pretty women are merely a concern for their hair. However, the fact is that you cannot control the weather, but you can control your hair. The ultimate hair indulgence is here to unlock the barrier of summer side effects. The harmful strokes of super-heated sunshine are spoiling the lustrous glow of hair.

Women’s hair is more prone to suffer in summer through UV –rays and the combination of heat and humidity lead your hair to the

So, all women what are you up to to pamper your hair this season. Bring out some change in your routine life to provide a permanent safety net to hair from harmful radiance, dust, and pollution.

Take a sip of my secrets reveals one by one, which will let you experience your very own hair spa, within the comfort of your home.

Beat the heat

If you will be directly exposed to the sunlight then naturally your hair scalp turns unhealthy as it often robbed of its essential nutrients and ultimately makes your hair dry and stressed out.


Whenever you step out to try to cover your hair with a scarf and with a hat so that your hair will not be exposed to the direct sunlight, heat and pollution. Remember prevention is better than cure so your hair needs a natural thing or leave it ideally without any applications like a hair dryer or other hot tools as it can snatch the natural shine from it.

Apply egg or curd for a bouncy or damage-free hair

In summer, you generally see that your hair scalp produce oil and sometimes washing your hair often does not cure the issue.


In that condition, you need to be extra-conscious for your hair. In short, you need to acknowledge the need for your hair. Applying egg or curd for staying away from the oily scalp. Part your hair in small sections and apply curd or egg all over the hair to get the nourishment and oil-free scalp. This step will keep your hair healthy all day long and will naturally condition your hair so that the attack of harmful chemicals will not attack easily. It stimulates your hair to restore bounce.

Say big no to Alcohol

Alcohol-based hair products lead your hair to the dryness and take away the essential nutrients. Therefore, your hair looks more dull and lifeless.


You need to be careful in choosing your hair products like shampoo, serums, conditioner, hair spray and more, which do not contain Alcohol in it.

Improve your dining habits

Women are too busy in juggling multiple roles so that they could not able to cover all nutritive needs, which you get by eating right. Your missing nutrition via missing a proper meal is dictating your problematic condition of hair.


  • Go greener in adopting any vegetables for your longer and shinier hair.
  • Bring in your diet colorful fruits or seasonal one like watermelon, muskmelon, papaya and others.
  • No wonder dry fruits like walnut and almonds are the best caretaker for your hair so include it in your diet for the instant result.
  • Hair trimming once in a month

Frizzy hair is summer issue and split ends interrupt the beauty of your hair. The lack of hair care is the root cause of frizzy and split ends. Generally, Indian women keep themselves away from cutting their hair regularly, as they do not want to play with length of their hair. However, they should know the fact that split ends is also stopping your hair to grow healthy.


You can apply serum to tame frizz while for ignoring split ends and for a healthy growth of your hair trimming is the best remedy. To some extent trimming protects hair fall and give certain volume at your hair ends.

Fine toothed comb for the good circulation

You might be wondering but it is true to comb your hair with fine-toothed comb not only twice or thrice but daily 20 to 30 times in a day. The movement of the comb in your hair for 20 to 30 times by covering all the area of your head scalp.


With fine-toothed comb will give your head scalp more blood circulation so this process will help in reinforcing the strength of your hair and prevent hair fall from breakage.

This summer open your hair care files before being a woman with rough and lifeless hair. Now with my tips workshop do you need to depend on the weather for S4 hair? I mean soft, silky, strong and smooth hair.


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