To Store Bananas So They Don’t Turn Black

Banana is a long, curved fruit with a thick peel that is yellow when it is ripe. They are rich in protein, bananas are the instant energizers.

Bananas are such a fruit that a person needs to enjoy his good health. Bananas are the great source of potassium and they can improve the level of fiber in an individual.

This fruit can help the nerve cells to respond and to maintain the fluid levels in the body, it also helps to regulate the movements in the body.bananas are  very good for a person’s heart

1. Storing bananas

The first thing that you must avoid when it comes to storing bananas, especially when they ripe, is to avoid keeping them in the fridge as they are tropical fruits so they don’t handle the cold storage so the best way to store bananas is at room temperature, especially when they are green or not yet ripened, placing a unripe banana will in the fridge will stall the fruits ability to ripen.

Bananas may not resume their ripening process even if they are returned to room temperature. As a banana gets ripe its gets more sweet, soft, and a little brown as well but this changing of color does not mean that the fruit is in bad shape but it simply is the natural process for a banana to ripe.

2. When to buy a banana

The best way to buy bananas is to buy them when they are green and letting them in room temperature till they are ready to eat. Remember, resting a banana in a room temperature for some time will not give the bad shape of your fruit but it will soften it more for an easy bite so you can relish the taste of it.

3. Storing them in the bag

To avoid the bananas turning black you must use the bags which can be bought from the different stores.the bags are made up of such a material that can be helpful for a fruit to maintain its natural process and I the meantime the bags also prevent such fruits turning black.

4. Selecting the bananas degree wise

Choosing upon degree simply means that when you want it, depending upon the usage will help you in storing as well. If you are buying for yourself then you must not worry buying them in the green shade because you don’t want to eat quickly but if you are shopping for your family who can eat quickly then buying those ripe bananas will not worry you.


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