5 Highly Useful Properties and Uses of the Truly Mystical Palo Santo Oil

Palo Santo is a mystical tree that is found on the coast of South America majorly. It has been used since ages by the native people of Andes as a spiritual remedy and good fortune.

Not only it contains medical properties, but it is known to get rid of any bad energy and evil spirits.

People believe that the smoke of the burned wood possesses medicinal and therapeutic healing influence.

Highly Useful properties of Palo Santo Oil

The Palo Santo essential oil is extracted from the heartwood of the tree. The tree is known to be the world’s most sweet-scented woods in the world.

The fragrance is a blend of mint, lemon, and pine. Let’s find out some amazing benefits of mystical Palo Santo essential oil.

1. Boost Mental Health

If you want to boost your mental, emotional and spiritual health, Palo Santo essential oil is magic. It gives you a true feeling of peace and calmness.

It facilitates relaxation of your mind and body thus helps in reducing the chances of panic/anxiety and insomnia attacks. By regularly using it, the everyday stress reduces effectively.

If you are in search of something to revitalize your soul and mind then get Palo Santo essential oil instantly.

2. Remedy for Headache 

Because of the natural stress releasing properties of Palo Santo, it is widely used as a remedy for a headache.

Stress-related headaches are reduced drastically. The anti-inflammatory properties of Palo Santo essential oil soothe the strained muscles and give relief from headaches.

3. Physical Ailments 

Not only headache, other physical ailments including asthma, flu, anxiety, bronchitis and chronic neck and back pain, joint pain and arthritis are also healed significantly using Palo Santo essential oil.

It provides quick relief and comfort in stiff joints and muscle aches. Its usage ensures speedy recovery in above-mentioned diseases.

4. Natural Anti-oxidant and detoxifier

The anti-oxidants in Palo Santo essential oil fights against free radicals and its detoxification agent strengthen the immune system.

These natural properties help in getting rid of all toxic substances from your body and eventually help in speedy recovery from diseases.

5. Powerful Insecticide 

It may come as a surprise to your ears that Palo Santo essential oil can also be used as a powerful and effective insecticide to keep mosquitoes and other uninvited creepy crawlies or insects away from your house.


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