Do You Need Diet Dog Food Supplements?

Do you need to be giving your dog diet supplements? How do you know that your dog is getting all the nutrition he or she needs? If you do need to give your dog diet supplements, then what do you give them? With so many types of supplements to choose from, how do you know which is the right one for your dog?

If you are careful about the diet dog food that you feed your dog, not giving them table food, and making sure your dog food is a very reputable company, then you should not need to worry about diet supplements. There are some companies that are more concerned about the profits on their dog foods than providing the proper nutrition for your pet.

If your pet has been on a lower quality food up till now, then you need to consider diet supplements. You may want to add a hard boiled egg to your dogs diet a couple of days a week. This provides a great source of protein and some extra vitamin A and D which help build stronger bones and healthy eyes.

There are many ways to provide your dog some great and healthy diet supplements and it can all be done right from your own kitchen. You can choose to give a raw diet dog food, or make some items on the stove. You may just want to know that you are giving your dog the most nutritious diet possible.

Were you aware that you can feed your dog whole grains and green vegetables? You can even feed them nuts which are another great source of protein. Supplying your dog with increased amounts of vitamin B will support healthy skin and muscles. You can do this by supplementing with beans, yeast and liver. You may also add some vitamin E which is found in wheat germ, bran and vegetable oil.

Vitamin K is another great diet dog food supplement that is found in liver, leafy greens and seeds. This helps your dog have a healthy circulatory system and blood clotting abilities. Glucosamine is necessary for joint health, preventing arthritis.

Diet supplements are truly beneficial for your dog. Don’t ever give your dog fruit such as raisins or grapes, these can be very dangerous as it can cause renal failure. If you are going start a diet supplement, then first talk to your veterinarian and seek his advice. Go over the foods that you are considering and make sure they are safe.

Do not give your dog any calcium supplements without orders from your vet, these can be dangerous if given too much. This can be good in moderation, and needed for their bone health, but only given in a proper dosage. This should be done by your vet or get it from their diet dog food (remember, high-quality only).

Always talk to your vet about a diet supplement plan for your dog. Your vet will let you know if your plan needs to be adjusted. You both want what’s best for your dog, and that is a long and healthy life.


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