7 Must Have Shoes for Every Women

“I have nothing to wear” is the most common statement we all make and it is not just restricted to our clothes but also to our shoes. Diamonds may be our best friend but we all have a soft corner in our heart for shoes. In order to complete our look we always need a great pair of shoes.

You don’t need to have a separate wardrobe for your shoes; you just need a few essentials to make your attire work for you. There are certain rules to keep in mind before you spend your money on the next hot pair of Jimmy Choos.

  • When in doubt go with neutral colors like black, beige or metallic monotone
  • If you are wearing a multi-colored dress, choose a pair in one of the colors of the dress
  • Do not ever match the color and print of your dress with that of your shoes!
  • Try to wear a contrasting color
  • You can add a touch of glamour by going with glitz, sparkle, and texture
  • Take time to pick out the right pair, do not buy without trying

I believe we can never have too many shoes, but these are essential types, every woman deserves and must own.


Ballet flats or skimmer flats are not only great for your feet but they also look cute and adorable. You can choose from an array of styles, material, textures and colors. They are cool and comfortable. Pair it right with a pleated skirt or a dress or even a Capri pants and you would feel polished and yet casual.

  1. PUMPS

Adding a bit of glamour, the classic pumps are the must-have shoes for every woman. The coveted black pumps with red sole are like the holy grail of shoes. They go well with anything you wear. They are great for work as well as party. Pair them with your little black dress or with your pencil pants they add the oomph in your attire. They make you look taller and you can never go wrong with it. Choose the height of your heel according to your comfort level.


Be it winter, fall or rain a pair of riding boots is a must-have in your collection. They are chic and practical at the same time. They can protect you from the elements of the weather and add style to your attire. You can never go wrong with white tee, a pair of jeans and ridding boots.


Spring season and summer season is great to show off your toned legs and perfectly pedicured feet in those summer dresses and denim shorts. The comfortable wedges are great and glamorous. They add length to your height and are so easy to walk in. you can team them up with everything in your wardrobe. Investing in summer wedges is a great addition to your shoe collection.


Flip-flops are one of the must-have shoes for every woman. They are perfect for a visit to the beach or even out doing your grocery shopping. They look adorable and are great for your feet. Choose a pair in fun color or even studded finish to add the glitz to your everyday attire.


Sneakers look great while going for jogging but oxfords are a style statement. They have the classic vintage look. They have that masculine vibe but look fabulous with a dress or a pair of jeans. They are a great alternative to sneakers with a peppy- cool twist. Choose a flamboyant color to make the oxfords work for you.


A pair of outrageous stilettos is a pair that you should have in your wardrobe. They may sound outrageous but they can lift your mood instantly and make any dress look stunning. Studded, animal print, polka dotted or a floral print, it is your statement shoe. It will not only boost your look but will uplift your spirits. Stilettos have the ability to turn the day around.

Ladies, there is no need to fret and worry anymore. The essential list of types of shoes will guide you and help you with the selection of right pair of shoes.



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