The Military Diet – Safe Or Not

We have all heard of fad diet plans, diet plans with twinkling shiny letters: Reduce 10 lbs fast! Sure enough, you will find many people who attempt them every day.

One, in particular, I would like to study is the military diets, also known as The Coffee Diet or The Grape fruit diet. We can conclude it with some worlds to lose your weight with simple diet:

Eat a tight 3-day selection and then you can take other 4 hours to eat according to your normal routine. Following this routine is expected to allow the slimmer to reduce up to 10 lbs. weekly. For the person who has practiced the diet plan before, he should keep in mind that it is not easy as he think. Eating a healthy salad, while all your friends eat down the Big Macs can be unpleasant, especially the first a week or so while you are starving your buttocks off.

It is really no surprise that fad diet plans were made. Everyone wants an easier, quicker path to reduce those last few weight before the big wedding day or party, but is there any truth to them.

Some believe the food goes back to the 1980’s when these kinds of diet plans were sent individually for each person. That is where it also got the name Fax diet plan because workplaces everywhere were overwhelmed with unknown faxes offering a ‘magical diet’ that can help you lose ten pounds in just three hours.

Others say it is one diet that has been popular among some military employees who need a rapid weight-loss fix before their semiannual fitness evaluation that assesses whether they are within the weight requirements.

Military Diet: Day One

To get started, you will prepare one-half grapefruit, a scoop of peanut butter, a slice of toasted bread and some coffee for your breakfast. In addition, for your lunch, you can try toast, tuna, and coffee. On the dinner menu: a cup of green beans, three oz. of various meats, a little the apple, half a bananas and, yup, a cup of vanilla flavor ice cream.

Military Diet: Day Two

In your second day, you will some interesting things. For morning breakfast, you will have a piece of toasted bread, half a bananas, and an egg. For lunch, some saltines, a cup of cottage cheese and another hard-boiled egg. You will find here at the dinner with hot dogs useful. You will eat two secret tubes plus, some vegetables and fruits, finished off with more vanilla flavor ice cream.

Military Diet: Day Three

On the last day of the food, you will cut calories down to almost 1,100 in the following breakdown. For your breakfast, one ounce of cheddar cheese, five saltines, and one little apple. In the next phase, you will try a piece of toasted bread for dinner and just one egg. Then you will prepare for the bid end, half of a banana, one last cup of vanilla ice cream and a cup of tuna.


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