How To Clean Up After Pets

Seeing our pets mess on the brand new rug or sofa is not a pretty sight. No one enjoys having to clean up their pet’s mess. But animal poop can cause illnesses because it contains deadly bacteria.

Not to mention the terrible smell and stains that linger afterward. It’s a job that just must be done.

Below is a complete list of how to clean up after different pets;


Cleaning Urine:

Soak up as much of the stain as possible using paper towels, or old rags. Stand on this padding (with shoes on, of course!) to get maximum soak-age.

Do not use bleaches, detergents or anything that contains ammonia, as this encourages cats to pee more.

Use a 10% solution of an enzymatic cleanser such as Tide or Wisk to clear the area. Afterward, spray with odor-reducing sprays meant for animals.

Cleaning Poop:

Use a plastic shopping bag wrapped around your hands to grab it, turn it inside out, seal and then dispose of. Clean the area, like with urine.

Pro Tip: If you can smell your cat’s mess but can’t find the spot where your cat peed, try using a strong black light. Cat pee glows under black light.

You’ll be surprised at how many more stains you might find, especially in and around your cat’s litter box.


Cleaning poop:

First, remove the solid pieces using a shopping bag. You can also use a scraper and a dustpan if it’s runny. Then use clothes detergent mixed with water to scrub the remainder.

Then drench with vinegar diluted with water to reduce staining and kill germs. After it’s dried, apply odor remover.

Cleaning Urine:

Dog urine needs to be washed properly from the surface, as it is dangerous to your health. First, absorb maximum liquid using towels and blotting paper.

Then soak with a 50/50 vinegar solution. Then shake baking soda over the entire area. This will soak up the stain.

You can also take an extra step and pour a hydrogen peroxide solution over it to properly disinfect the area. Wait till its dry then vacuum the area thoroughly.

Cleaning Paw Prints:

If your dog has walked all over your living room carpet with his muddy paws, resist the urge to mop it up while it’s wet.

This will just spread the dirt. Wait till it’s dry and cracking up, then vacuum over it.

Another easier method is using carpet shampooer to clean up after animals. Carpet shampoos are suited for impervious surfaces, they will wash out easier and will not leave stains.

Cleaning machine washable items:

Add a half pound box of baking soda or apple cider vinegar to your usual load. It will help clear the stains and smell.

All these methods of cleaning pet mess are difficult, complicated and take a long time.

They must be executed properly otherwise you and young children who breathe in the vapors or come in contact with the surface may be at risk for a number of zoonotic diseases


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