Want thick and healthy hair? Then, it is necessary to consume a healthy diet. Even if you invest huge amounts in a good, promising shampoo and conditioner; it will be of no avail in the longer run, if you do not intake a proper diet. It is never too late to change your eating habits. Even if you were not eating healthy food till now, start it right away. It is the safest bet for healthy hair.

We are sure that you all agree in the basic idea of eating healthy food for healthy hair. And here are some recommendations mentioning top 10 food you should bite into for obtaining healthy hair.


Salmon is intensely rich in protein, vitamin and omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is quite essential for your hair shaft. If your hair shaft lacks this specific fatty acid, then your hair obtains a dry texture leading to a colossal amount of hair fall.


A smattering amount of walnuts provide you with a lot of benefits. Walnuts are a magnificent source of omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, copper, zinc, which are essential for healthy hair. Including walnuts in your diet will decrease hair fall, preserve your cells from suffering any DNA damage, protect your hair against the harsh sun, and provide your hair with natural shine and luster.


As Oysters have an abundance of zinc, they not only cease the extent of hair fall and damage but also manage the issue of dry scalp.

Sweet Potatoes

They are rich in beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant. It counters to aging and also helps your scalp to stay nourished by providing it with essential oils. You may not be a huge fan of sweet potatoes and if you do not adore eating them in a mashed form; then give it a shot to eat them roasted with some herbs, onions and some spice.


Be it protein or any kind of mineral, such as sulfur, zinc, iron; you will find it all in one egg. An egg is quite important as it helps your body carry oxygen to your hair follicles. You may like them, or you may not; but if you intend on having healthy hair, then simply close your eyes and hop onto adding eggs to your diet.


Vitamin B, E, C, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, iron, omega 3 fatty acids; spinach has it all. If you are serious on having healthy hair, then start eating spinach the way Popeye did.


They are great as a staple diet, and also great for the health of your hair.


Yogurt is a better option than milk, as it is low in fat but equally beneficial for your hair. It contains calcium, and other essential vitamins and proteins. You can even add walnuts to boost its nutrient value and content.


Blueberries are extremely bloated with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital for a fluent blood circulation through the hair.


They keep your hair well conditioned and lustrous.

Healthy Diet is the best tip to have wonderful, shiny and beautiful hairs.


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