5 Essential Regimes Follow When It’s Sunny

The sun is not loved by many; however, I am the one who actually craves sunny days. I know you must be already wondering what it exactly that takes my sunny day fancies to height is. Well, one funny yet good reason is that I can load myself with a lot of clothes. Call it my spondylitis plight or fashion insanity to wear sleeveless tops. However, I do understand that caring for my skin demands an equal deal of effort especially when I am a working lady and out of my home the whole day.

Sunny Regime

Let me share some my summer beauty tips 2015 I follow on sunny days to waive off the troubles of heat and how I maintain myself during these hot days. I follow these 5 tips and have been maintaining a flawless skin.

My Face Wash Solution

I always carry a face wash, in my handbag, wherever I go. And a bottle of cool rose water of course. I just dip a few cotton balls with the rose water and moisten my face. I apply the face wash, I prefer the one with fruit extracts. And I pat dry my face, with a clean piece of tissue. I let my cheeks glow, while I apply face powder just onto the sides of my face.

My Sun Tan Care

As I remain outdoors, most part of the day, I normally prefer using a sunscreen lotion, before I step out of the house. But sometimes, especially when running late, I forget my sunscreen and return home with a harsh tan.

I tried this new product Spinz sun tan remover which turned out to be a revolutionary pack, which leaves my face, fresh and radiant. I look fabulous even after hours of roaming about in the hot sun. The suntan remover has a formulation, which instantly removes my tan, leaving my skin soft and silky. The 50 gm pack just costs me Rupees 89.  It was so simple to use, check out this video by the brand:

Here’s what I did:

  • I applied the cream generously on my face, kept away from my eyes
  • Massaged gently in slow circular motions and  left it on my skin for 5 minutes
  • After 5 min, I washed it away with water and patted it dry.
  • Voila! That’s it!

My favorite part about it? It fits easily into my handbag and I can now carry it everywhere!

My Makeup Style

I never like my face overdone. I always prefer a lighter tinge when I come to choosing my lipstick, gloss and an eyeliner. I apply a small outline of my lips, with the help of a lip liner. Apply the lipstick, right across. And finish it up with a translucent looking lip gloss. The gloss will invariably complement the lipstick I opt wearing on a bright summer day. I then apply a single coat of eyeliner and cover it up with a smudge-free mascara. The light make-up makes me look my awesome best on bright summer mornings.

For my hair

I shampoo my hair once every week, especially during summers. I carry a dry conditioner pack, again, in my handbag. While my hair feels sweaty or dull, I just apply the dry conditioning gel onto my scalp. I comb my hair with a brush that has thick bristles. And I bun up my hair. The conditioner has a great aroma, to help me let my hair smelling fresh, the entire day. I use a daily wash shampoo, which helps my hair glow. I let my hair loose and bun up my hair once it is semi-dry. These hair care techniques help me show off my beautiful locks, to the whole world.

Scents and Perfumes

I use a hydrated body splash as against the regular version of a perfume or deodorant. The body splash has an extra amount of aluminum salts, which prevents my underarm area from getting drier or flakier, especially during summer afternoons. I apply perfume while I step out of the house and also keep a pocket perfume in my bag. And I feel fresh up until evening.

My beauty secrets, covering your head to toe, should leave you blossom all through the day. And those rave compliments from friends or colleagues are simply not far away!


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