3 Steps to Buying a Vacation Home with Friends


Any living person would absolutely love to purchase a vacation home at their dream place for frequent visits. It tends to give a sense of belonging where family and friends could enjoy their vacations. However, for the majority of people purchasing a house on their own isn’t possible due to limited finances. Therefore people tend to pool their funds with their friends and purchase their vacation home. If you are going down this lane, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Decision Phase

Purchasing a vacation home with friends lowers the investment cost. Although the investment is low, you’ll still enjoy the perks to full benefit and won’t just get the fraction according to your investment money. So before you make your final decision, it’s important to talk openly with your friends about the objectives of this purchase. Keeping the home for a few weeks and renting it out for the remaining part of the year is quite a smart option. Discuss the sharing of ongoing expense of the house including electricity, insurance, and emergency repairs. Go ahead with the purchase if all parties involved agree onto this without showing hesitation.

Tie all Knots Legally

It’s important that you set up an LLC by hiring an attorney. It will help you lay down the terms and contract on paper to avoid any hard feelings or broken friendships in the end. Many people ignore this step and have to face severe consequences emotionally. The attorney will lay out all the legal groundwork in case a party wants to exit after a few years and other similar scenarios.

Search and Search

Vacation home market is quite abrupt and changes are quick. Therefore lay down the criteria for your potential property that all parties agree on equally. This way anyone person can search for a place that satisfies all the friends. A good approach towards this is to make a list of different places and note down the pros and cons of each one.

Hiring a local real estate agent is recommended as he will guide you through different options professionally. You can also get an insight on the market value of your place in coming years and how quickly will it appreciate.

So don’t be hesitant to buy a vacation home with your friends as long as you lay all the foundations at the right place!

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