7 Best Places To Visit In Costa Rica During Vacations

Costa Rica is right in the center of The United State, at the northern end of the filter isthmus that joins South and North of United States. Costa Rica is the second smallest point of America. Regardless of its small size, Costa Rica has two wonderful coastlines (the Hawaiian and the Ocean, also called the Caribbean), lavish jungles, active volcanoes, and excellent experience travel options like tubing, climbing, and browsing.

1. Manual Antonio National Park

If you are going to Costa Rica, Manual Antonio National Park is a must-see location. Though little in size, this national park is a value, providing one of the most eye-catching and picturesque natural surroundings in the entire country. In fact, Forbes listed Brother Antonio as one of the most eye-catching nature in the world this year. Located along the Sea, and about 1,700 acres in size, the Manual Antonio National Park is just over 80 miles from San Jose.

2. Poas Volcano National Park

It is one of the most visited destinations of the country. Its main crater is one of the biggest in the entire world and the adventure comprises of a hike to the crater rim. A trip to this effective volcano can be done as a one-day tour. Besides, it can be along with trip of La Paz Waterfall Gardens and a coffee trip to Doka Coffee Estate, which makes sense if you do not have a lot of time in San José.

3. Arenal Volcano National Park

Obviously, its main fascination is the Arenal Volcano is currently in a relaxing phase but the hot springs are also one of the amazing things about this area. If you are looking for amazing experiences, here you can engage in of hanging bridges, zip line tours, hikes, whitewater rafting tours, and a lot more; and after all that, you can just rest in the hot spring private pools while experiencing the amazing views of the volcano.

4. La Fortuna Waterfall

It is situated at ten or twenty yards from resorts and you can get there mixing a mini car drive and a hike or picking a horse riding. Once you get to this 200 feet waterfall, you can engage in of a smooth swimming or rest and have a have picnic outside around.

5. Celeste River

Celeste River is one of the most popular locations of Costa Rica. Essential stand out is the amazing light blue color of the water that seems to be synthetically shaded. To get here it is also essential to have an excellent strength since the hike will last around Three hours through the rainforest, more or less. It is no possible to swimming in the river but getting to see these amazing phenomena is more than enough.

6. Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero national park is a heaven for the turtles to come and home their egg, actually, that’s the key purpose why of its name. This encounter is something that you family members will never ignore to visit this section of the country on those schedules.

7. Puerto Viejo Beach

Puerto Viejo beach can be found in the area of Limón Costa Rica. This province is the area with most Afro-Caribbean impact in the country and this means that lifestyle, cuisine, culture, and is different from the staying from the country.


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