What Are The Best Air Hockey Tables?

Are you looking to buy a quality Air Hockey table for your house or workplace? Well, with multiple options available in the market, choosing the right one can be intimidating.

Don’t worry as we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and skimmed through multiple air hockey table reviews.

The few top recommendations from our side are listed below so do check them out.

  • Harvil 4-Foot

If you’re looking for a quality build within the minimum price range, then Harvil 4-foot is the right choice. It’s a relatively smaller sized air hockey table allowing it to be placed in tight places easily.

It has steady air flow and offers two scoring mechanisms as well. However, sometimes the electronic scoring seems a bit glitch yet it’s a quality investment in its price range.

  • American Heritage Monarch

This particular table stands out due to its sleek design and robust build. The screen-printed starburst design is perfect to be placed in your lounge for display.

It has broad elegant legs that give it stability. The only flaw is that the table is quite heavy to move so you won’t be shifting it around your place a lot.

  • Playcraft Sport

This 40-inch model is designed to be placed on any table inside your house. It’s quite a basic model that doesn’t offer electronic scoring.

However, the puck catches quite efficient making it a perfect table for kids. Also, you’ll find that the airflow of the table is a bit weak at the edges compared to its counterparts.

  • Gold Standard Elite

If you’re looking for a professional air hockey table, then Gold Standard Elite is the right call. Designed by an air hockey champion, the table is perfect to be placed in larger recreational areas.

It’s quite durable and would give you the perfect game with its aluminum rails. You can use full-size pucks for this one.

  • Sports Squad Hx40

Visually it looks quite childish as it has bright colors. However, this table is perfect for families in every sense.

It comes at a budget-friendly price and has features including manual score boarding. The air flow is quite consistent allowing the puck to glide smoothly over it.

Choice of the air hockey table is entirely dependent on your expectations, budget, and requirements from the game.

You should scout different websites to get multiple price quotes before making your purchase.


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