Tips To Avoid The Emergency Room During Christmas Season

The last place that anyone wants to spend their Christmas holidays is the emergency room of a hospital. The safety of yourself and your loved ones should always take precedence over anything else, no matter whether it is during Christmas season or any other festive season.

There are a number of simple steps that can be taken in this regard that would keep your loved ones safe and secure to enjoy the festive season with total health and well being.

This article will highlight some important tips that should be taken in order to avoid a trip to the hospital during this festive season.

  • You must be careful when taking your kids to houses that are not “child-friendly”. This can include Grandma and Grandpa’s house too. They may leave their prescribed pills in open places where it could spell danger for small children.
  • Candlelight could be romantic, but there should be enough light for elderly people to see properly. There can be stray toys, pets or slippery floors can be dangerous if there isn’t enough light in the house.
  • Household cleaning liquids should not be kept in open places where small children can easily spot them. Cleaning liquids are poisonous and can have fatal consequences if swallowed by accident.
  • Small children should not be left unattended with older kids who are having access to toys with tiny removable parts. This could have fatal consequences if the little kid stuck one of these parts in his or her nose or throat.
  • If a child has swallowed shampoo or washing liquid by mistake, don’t frighten him or make him feel sick about it. Fear can make the substance to froth and get into the lungs causing more severe problems. You can always find solutions to such issues by going to the internet where there is a plethora of free information of the subject.
  • Don’t apply any creams or butter on burns. The first thing to do is to hold the burn under running cold water. Standing under a shower for a widespread burn would be ideal. After that cover the burn with a cling-film. The severe pain from a burn is caused due to the air passing through the raw nerves of the burned skin. The cling-film will stop the air passing and recede the pain.
  • Tourniquets should not be used on bad cuts. Instead cover the wound with a non-fluffy towel and apply pressure.
  • The main item of a Christmas meal is the turkey. The turkey should be defrosted and cooked properly in order to avoid any upset stomach or food poisoning. This is a very important tip for the festive season.
  • Avoid drinking and driving under any circumstances. Or else, you will have to go through unnecessary troubles with the law enforcement officials, on top of the emergency room.
  • Simple pains and aches could be treated with a painkiller that you are already used to. Don’t over-use painkillers as they may have unwanted side effects.

The above-mentioned tips should keep you away from the ER during this festive season.


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