What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Therapy?

All the people that come out of group therapy would either praise it or loathe it. In this article, we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of group therapy.

The social interaction that is happening between the members makes it ideal to exchange thoughts and ideas. It would also be the great time to address everyone’s problems. It would be easy for one person to open up about his feelings on the problems. This would actually speed up the recovery process and help all the patients in the group.

There will be compliments coming from the other members of the group and that would really make everyone feel great with the company of each other. Everyone here just wants to help each other out and that would really be effective when it comes to dealing with each other’s problems.

When someone sees the radical effects on another person, it would make him think twice about continuing his bad habits. For example, if it is a group therapy on drugs then you would see some able have a hard time sleeping. It is never good to lose sleep especially when the reason is not that important.

Group interactions would further enhance the social skills of the patients. The new patients would be able to observe how far the social skills of the other patients went. When someone gets into a sudden unexplained behavior, then it is expected that everyone would understand why that is happening.

The therapy sessions are usually supervised by highly trained therapists and counselors. Most group sessions are even free of charge which means they are much cheaper than hiring a personal therapist to help you with your problem.

Groups offer different opinions from all the members there. That means each member would get to see it from a different point of views. It also allows the opportunity for role-playing within the group and other people can give his take on the person role-playing right in front of them.


Some members may not be comfortable with a group discussion for various reasons. They may be more comfortable in sharing their problems with a one on one session. These same patients could be suicidal and they can’t be fit at all to be participating in a group therapy session.

When you have a group of people talking to each other, there is a big chance of personality clashes as some of them could argue with what another is saying. It would never be easy to share your problems with people you have never met. Some people are not really comfortable with that since they are used to staying at home.

It is possible some patients could react emotionally or violently against the other people in the group. It is also difficult to adjust to members who suddenly come in without being introduced. It is possible they have an attitude that can’t be tolerated by the rest.


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