7 Great Places To Visit in Argentina

With an abundance of exotic wildlife, jaw-dropping scenery, vibrant culture, colonial cities and towns with superb cuisine it is no wonder that Argentina is a well-known travel place. Situated in the lower area South America in a large, pointed shape, Argentina was sparsely populated by a few indigenous communities before Spain has colonized it in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.

Nowadays, the country is an independent republic country rich with landscapes from majestic mountains, thick jungle to rich plains, impressive glaciers and pastoral steppes. An overview of the where you can see in Argentina.

1.  Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata nowadays is the country’s top beach resort city. Mar del Plata entices countless visitors every year to its exotic seashores and vibrant life. During summer weekends it can get very crowded here but outside the summer season, the city takes on a much more comfortable feel.

2. Cordoba

At the geographical center of Argentina is Cordoba, the country’s second-biggest city. Cordoba is best and most popular city due to its Spanish colonial buildings. Most of these ancient castles, chapels and monuments are found in the city center within an area known as the Jesuit Block.

3. Puerto Madryn

The city of Puerto Madryn is best known as the gateway to Peninsula Valdes. It is also a well-known summer location because of its wonderful seashores although the water can be very cold. With the explosion of travel and leisure recently, Madryn has gone through fast growth, and the city’s small permanent population grows exponentially during summer season time.

Whale Watching trips are also famous as the Southeast Right Whale uses the Gulfo Nuevo waters for breeding and having a baby. From July to Sept, the dolphins are so close they can be viewed from the landmass.

4. Bariloche

With its Swiss-style architecture, its chocolate shops, and attractive setting of snow-capped hills, pristine lakes, Bariloche appears more like a city in Switzerland. Bariloche provides as a gateway to amazing landscapes and outside activities. The close by hills is a hot spot for snowfall skiing, containing one of Southern America’s biggest ski stations at Cerro Catedral.

5. Ushuaia

Formerly used as a penal community because of its isolated location, Ushuaia’s distant beauty is now what makes it one of the most famous locations to see in Argentina. Regarded as the world’s most southern city, Ushuaia is situated on the Beagle Channel, serving as a well-known base for Antarctica cruises, activities and wild animals viewing.

6. Mendoza

Located in Latin America’s biggest wine making region, Mendoza is a well-known tourist location not only for its bottles but also for its proximity to Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the country. Furthermore, Mendoza offers access to wonderful landscapes and outside activities such as climbing, horseback riding, river rafting and more.

At the heart of Mendoza is its primary square, Independence Plaza, which is enclosed by dining places, stores, museums and delightful structures that are lighted at night.

7. El Calafate

El Calafate is a wealthy traveler city. Situated in Argentina’s Santa Jackson Area, El Calafate provides as a place to start for many traveler trips of which Perito Moreno Glacier is the most famous because of its amazing display of breaking ice breaks.

El Calafate itself is a wonderful city where visitors can stroll down the primary street and check out memorabilia stores and museums like the Glaciarium to learn about all about the region’s snow. In addition to hotel accommodations, there are also several nice dining places.


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